How to Store Your Furniture and Objects During a Move?

How to Store Your Furniture and Objects During a Move?

More than 6% of people in Sydney move every year and use a Sydney removalist and many of them to less spacious housing or to carry out work in their new house or apartment. In both cases, the storage of furniture or objects becomes indispensable. But which solution to choose?

You will find in this article different solutions that could help you if you are in one of these cases:

1 – The Traditional Furniture Storage Container: The Movers Take Care of Everything

The movable container allows you to store furniture and other valuables for as long duration you need. Often owned by the Sydney removalists, they are themselves responsible for the deposit of your belongings in the container that you have reserved.

Disadvantage: you do not have free access to your container, you will need to make an appointment with your mover to plan its opening which generates a handling fee.

2 – The Self-Storage Centre: You Can Access Your Business Anytime

More and more widespread at the expense of traditional furniture storage, especially in Sydney, self-storage centres, offer an additional advantage: permanent access to your belongings. You have a key or a code to access your own stored goods during the opening hours of your centre. You are in charge of all the operations: deposit of the furniture, arrangement of the storage, etc.


  • The security guards or self-storage centres are very secure. Video surveillance system or guarding for some places, your box is in a safe place.
  • The boxes are ventilated, waterproof and sometimes heated.
  • Small +: some centres offer on-site packaging and packaging shop to provide you with the necessary equipment for storing and storing your belongings: cardboard, tape, bubble protections, labelling etc.

Disadvantages: These solutions are often relatively expensive and represent a real additional cost for your move. Especially since these centres are in the outskirts and often several kilometres from your home. When we know the source of stress that is already present during a move, why make it complicated when it can be simple?

3 – The Furniture Guard Between Individuals: The Easy and Cheap Solution

Peer to peer storage is fairly recent in Sydney. It is the possibility of renting the space of an individual: a cellar, a garage, an attic, an unoccupied room … and to save up to 50% on the price of a professional storage company.

This new generation of furniture storage allows you to store your goods near your new home. You can book your storage online directly through specialised sites.

And about security? This online service often offers the same guarantees as a professional company. Customer service is available 7 days a week and payment is secure.

4 – Storage On Demand: Finding Space Without Moving

The new storage trend in Sydney is to use an on-demand storage service. You do not rent a storage space anymore, but rent only what you need. The offer is usually per box. Prices vary depending on the size of the box you are storing.

Advantages: the price usually includes sending the boxes, picking up and returning. Less stress and abetter price!

Disadvantages: this solution is not valid for large furniture.

That’s it, we hope you see more clearly the furniture storage solutions available to you during a move.


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